Honey use in cosmetics care is very old. Indeed it was already used during ancient time, and was used as a precious nectar which was good to use to look beautiful ! As good for skin as for hair, It has many properties. Naturally rich in vitamins B and potassium, it illulinates and moisturizes the skin. Contrary to common beliefs, it is really adapted to dry skins, and also perfect to fight against oily skin, thanks to its high content in hydrogen peroxide which reduces sebum excess and thus limit imperfections. Honey is also an excellent natural antioxidant, a real ally to fight against wrinkles and skin sagging. Lastly, its composition rich in glucose & fructose favorises a soft and smooth skin because these two sugars have the particularity to fix water molecules to the skin. Don’t wait any more and discover our cares made with honey and find also our beauty tips for 100% honey based recipes.